The Day Our Lives Started – Complet

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This is the continuation of ‘The Day Our Lives Started’.

I awoke first this morning with only my ‘baby’ sister in bed with me. It has been this way for a week and will be this way for the rest of my life.

If this surprises you, please read my memories entitled ‘The Day Our Lives Started’ which I wrote last night at the request of my sister Bray, short for BrayAnn, I’m Brian. The story concluded with our burial of our Mom. One week ago, with absolutely no warning, while standing at the stove fixing breakfast Mom suffered a heart attack. She was dead before she slipped to the floor.

In recounting The Day I stopped at the point where we convinced our mother who discovered us in Bray’s bed, nude and asleep after making love for the first time, to join us. Bray has demanded I continue the story of the beginnings of our lives, to show and tell the love the three of us shared.

After Mom’s suggestion of moving to her bedroom and bed, we started for the doorway of Bray’s room to cross the hall. Bray and I were nude while Mom was in her bra and panties. We were hugging and laughing as we tried to go through the doorway without turning each other loose. Feet tangling, bumping into the jams, the three of us finally stumbled to Mom’s bed and tumbled on it. BrayAnn was on one side of Mom, I was on her left as Mom lay on her back. Mom’s laughter died. I felt her tense, knowing she was having second, third, fourth thoughts. Bray realized it also. “We love you, Mom.” she said softly, kissing her cheek. I echoed Bray’s comment and action.

Mom lay still with an arm around each of us. “We shouldn’t be doing this. Let’s just forget it. It’s o.k. for you two, but I… I want you to go ahead, but, I… I just can’t.” Looking at Bray, “Go back to your room. Leave me alone. I just want to relax and take a nap.”

Bray sat up. Her calves were outside of and against her thighs, heels against her buttocks. Her knees were spread with her delightful pussy looking right at Mom and me. She giggled a little girl giggle and said “You’re CHICKEN! YOU’RE AFRAID OF WHAT WE WILL DO TO YOU.”

Still giggling, Bray unclasped the front catch on Mom’s bra baring the breasts. Leaning down she took a nipple into her mouth. I could see her cheeks hollowing and filling as she licked and sucked.

Mom moaned and closed her eyes. Placing her hands on Bray head she pulled it tightly against her. I gave the other nipple a suck and lick, pecked Mom on her lips and moved to the foot of the bed. I slid my hands over her hips and hooked my fingers under the top of her panties. I tugged downward. Mom hesitated, then raised her hips as I slowly slid them off her gorgeous ass and exposed her pubic hair. I continued pulling the panties down her shapely legs and over her dainty feet. I gently pushed Mom’s legs apart opening her sex to me. I leaned forward, blowing gently on the fine silky curly hair while spreading the lips with my thumbs. Mom shuddered as I blew. I giggled as Bray had done. They both looked down at me. I said, “Mom’s pussy is pretty, just like your’s.”

Laughing, hugging each other, they began passionately kissing as I buried my face. I licked and sucked the moisture Mom was generating. I lifted my head. “Delicious! If this juice is fattening, I’m going to weigh 300 pounds.”

I dove right back in. I sucked on her hole. I licked between her lips. I licked her clit with my tongue. Suck, lick, flick, Mom’s hips began hunching. The more I sucked and licked and flicked the stronger the hunching became. Bray went back to sucking on and playing with Mom’s tits.

Mom said hoarsely, “I’m almost there. Suck my clit.” Her wish was my command.

I wrapped my lips around Mom’s clit, biting it with my lips while trying to suck it off her body and rubbing it with my tongue. Bite and suck, bite and suck, lick, lick, lick. She exploded, going completely rigid. Her body arched off the bed. She started convulsing. She jerked and flopped like a fish out of water.

With a moan she went limp. Her head lolled to the side, mouth agape, chest heaving. Bray stared at me with a stricken look. “What happened?”

Mom just lay there, limber, limp. If not for the audible labored breathing I would have assumed she died. Then I thought, “My God. A heart attack!” Bray and I were on the verge of panic when Mom’s eyelids fluttered open with a dazed expression.

Bray said wonderingly, “She fainted. She came so hard, she fainted.” We laughed in relief, hugging each other and Mom.

“Wus uh matt’r?” Mom slurred. Then in a slightly stronger voice, “I’m still shaking inside, my cunt’s… I’m… I’m spasming. I’ve never done this before. I’ve never bahis firmaları felt like this. Oh, you sweethearts. What did you do to me. I love you.”

She closed her eyes and went to sleep. She lay there and went to sleep! With us sitting beside her! Bray and I looked at one another, shocked and dumbfounded. Then laughing quietly, we eased off the bed and put our arms around each other. For a moment we stood looking at Mom as she lay there, so beautiful, so peaceful. “I’m hungry.”

Bray giggled, elbowing me in the ribs, “MEN. Let’s go to the kitchen.”

An hour later Bray and I were still sitting at the table, holding hands, knees touching. Talking, just talking, enjoying being together, being in the same room.

Last night we had done the same thing, sans holding hands. We had sat at the same table, in the same chairs. We had talked, about Bray’s school, college, plans for the weekend. But tonight was different. Our subject matter hadn’t changed. We talked about the same things, but there was a different atmosphere, a loving awareness, a sharing of our souls. I had loved my sister, but only as my ‘baby’ sister. My love now was for a soulmate, deeper, stronger, more aware, more fulfilling, more complete.

“Well,” came a voice from the kitchen doorway. “I guess things have REALLY changed!” Mom stood there in her robe with love shining out of her eyes. “Is THAT going to be the common mode of dress from now on?”

Bray and I were still nude. We hadn’t bothered to dress just to fix some quick sandwiches to satisfy our food hunger. My other hunger continued unabated.

“Why not?”, I said. “I love to watch the sway of mammae and the flex of gluteus maximus.”

“Yeah”, Mom said dryly. “You just want to look at tits and asses…and pussies!” She untied her sash and shrugged her shoulders letting the robe drop to the floor. She stood there in her naked glory for a moment. She grinned, turned, looked back over her shoulder, then faced us putting her fists on her hips. As she spread her legs she said, “Enjoy! … God I love you two.”

“But only half as much as us”, Bray countered.

“Half as much?”

“Uh hunh. There are two of us.”

With laughter, we three hugged.

An aside. If I seem to overplay the hugging and giggling routines, I do not. We just could not get enough of touching each other, of feeling each other, of having skin against skin contact. It was almost as if we were dreaming and knew if we separated the dream would be over. The giggles were partially a relief reaction. As we experienced the fulfillment of our wishes, dreams and desires we were discarding the fear of rejection.

As we stood in the kitchen holding each other I couldn’t help it. I started to rise again. It was immediately noticeable to my huggees as it traveled between their hips. They felt it rubbing, lifting, until it was pointing toward the ceiling. Reaching for it at the same time, they giggled. I sighed as they stroked and fondled me as if they were measuring my penis and weighing my testicles with their hands.

Bray looked at Mom. “You haven’t had this little feller yet.” That became its name. Thereafter, a frequent question was “Is little feller ready yet?”, and it almost always was. Bray grinned. “He’s been in one of his homes today. It’s time he found his other one.”

Mom hesitated. “I don’t know.”

With a glare Bray grabbed our hands and marched down the hall dragging us back into the bedroom. She spun Mom around pushing her back onto the bed. Spreading Mom’s legs Bray was licking her pussy before Mom could react. Mom made a half-hearted attempt to stop Bray. “You don’t need to do that.”

Bray looked up grinning, juices were smeared on her face. Mom was wet. “I WANT TO! And Bri was right. You ARE delicious. You taste like me, only a little different”, going back to tonguing, licking and sucking.

She cut her eyes at me, I could see them crinkle as her cheeks dimpled in a smile when I said, “You’re getting it from the source, not second hand. You’re both delicious.”

Bray reached and grabbed me by my dick. “She’s ready. Cum here”, with a giggle at the play on words. As I crawled over my mother, Bray placed the head of my dick into Mom’s love hole while patting me on my ass. I slowly lowered my whole body. Our mouths joined, my tongue going into Mom’s mouth as my dick went into the place I had come from over twenty years before. The place above all others save one, or maybe three if mouths are counted, where I knew I belonged.

She wasn’t quite as tight as BrayAnn. The feel of her cuntal sheath enveloping me, the texture, was subtlely different. Not better, not worse, just a slight kaçak iddaa difference. I knew I would always be able to tell them apart, but God, I could not, would not, pray I never have to, choose between them.

Mom and I began moving slowly. Me, in and out, in ’til our pubic mounds ground and rubbed together, out to where my head was barely confined; Mom, hunching up and down, up with her stomach muscles rippling against mine as I went in, down, then relaxing as I eased out.

I was in heaven, pure bliss. I was floating. If we hadn’t been anchored, top and bottom, mouth and crotch, I would have drifted up to the ceiling as a balloon. I thought my experience with Bray, just a short time ago, had been the pentacle of sexual fulfillment, would never be surpassed. This was equaling it.

I was in… on… with… my mother, feeling her body against mine from our lips to our toes. I gloried in the fulfillment of my years of desires, of dreams, of hopes, of fantasies, of wishes. Reality was wonderful. If this was better than BrayAnn, a very large IF, it was because of the years of pent up unrequited longing.

I raised my head, not stopping my slow languid movements. Looking at Mom, “However much I want you”, I gave her a peck on the lips. I turned my head looking at Bray laying beside us. With one hand under Mom’s head she was rubbing gently on my back with the other. As I repeated, “However much I want you”, she gave me a swift kiss. “With the two of you, my life is now complete. Maybe I’m selfish, wanting you both, but, God, how can I be so lucky.”

Their eyes brightened with tears, shining with love and happiness. Together they said “WE… love… you”. Trapping my face between theirs, they began kissing, licking, nibbling my cheeks, my ears, the corners of my mouth. We three shared a kiss.

Never changing our slow rhythmical movements, we continued our gentle rocking back and forth. Our minds filled with the physical sensations of the sliding and rubbing together of our bodies, sharing the feeling of our love making. Over and over again, like waves rolling onto a beach, we rocked.

Suddenly I came. I started spurting into the passage through which I emerged into this world. It wasn’t mind blowing, but a gentle, loving, giving, fulfilling release. As Mom felt me spray inside her, she says she can always feel every spurt, she orgasmed.

Jerking, squeezing, holding me tightly, we shared our love; and it was shared with Bray as our feelings traveled from our bodies through her arms into her soul. She shared our orgasm from watching, from feeling, from touching.

I lay still, on my mother, my head resting on the pillow beside hers. I was buried in her but softening rapidly. Bray shifted and moved against us. Her face against mine as mine was against Mom’s. Our shoulders, chests and breasts, hips and thighs were touching. Her top leg slide over Mom’s to lay along the junction of Mom’s and mine. Our bodies merged, melted together. We three were one. No words were spoken. None were needed. We were in a soft cocoon of feeling, of contentment, of love, of peace.

Mom never hesitated again. She was often the instigator of our sexual escapades. After that day, the only times Bray or I went back into “our” rooms was for clothing, or when friends or other family members came for extended or over-night visits. Such visits were torture.

Bray and I arrived home at the same time the next day. She was opening the door as I pulled into the driveway. “Hurry” she yelled, waving at me to come on as she darted inside. I ran into the house but didn’t see her. Her bedroom door was open and as I walked toward it she stepped out stark naked.

“Come on.”, she demanded, jerking at my shirt, poping buttons as she tried to get it off. In seconds we were lying on her bed. Her pussy inhaled ‘little feller’. We were pounding into each other as if we were in a race and had only seconds to finish our fucking.

We were too hot, too ready, going at it too fast to last long. Bray grunted “Good Good Good” each time my thrusts bottomed out and struck her clit. It probably didn’t take a dozen stokes until she had her orgasm, squealing shrilly and grabbing me in a death grip.

Her climax triggered mine. I ejaculated over and over. I just wouldn’t quite cumming. Bray said breathlessly, “It… just… gets… better… and… better.” She took several deep breaths. “I have been creaming all day… thinking about us. I stuffed paper towels in my panties I was so wet. Then, when I walked, I could feel them, and it got worse.”

I told her “I know. I’ve been like a yo yo all day. I’d think about yesterday and get hard. As soon as it went down kaçak bahis I’d remember how you and Mom felt and looked, and, damn, instant hard again. Boing. Boing”

I kissed her for the first time. We had been animals, no foreplay, no terms of endearment, just consumed with an overwhelming need. She broke the kiss and slid out from under me. My softened dick coming out of her with an audible pop. She went to my nipples, nibbling with her lips and sucking. I didn’t know they were so sensitive. She drug her open wet mouth and tongue down my stomach. She took my sticky limp dick in her hand and sat up.

Grinning impishly, “I didn’t get to really look at it yesterday.” Frowning in concentration, she studied it as if trying to choose which vegetables to buy at a market.

With her holding, lifting, squeezing, turning and massaging the foreskin up and down, it started to harden. She leaned and took it into her mouth, licking and sucking our juices off of it. As I reached full size, she removed her mouth and started licking up and down and around, cleaning it and leaving it shiny with her saliva.

“Tastes good. I hope you like this. I do.” She took it back into her mouth, licking her tongue around the head and applying a mild suction. She began bobbing her head, fucking me with her mouth.

“You better quit. I’ll come again.” I warned.

Raising her head but with her attention focused on my dick, she said “I want you to. I want to do everything to you.” She engulfed me. The feel of her velvety smooth mouth brought another eruption.

She swallowed, sucked, swallowed, until my production ceased. She sat up, looked at me grinning, running her tongue around the inside her mouth, licking her lips, “You like that? I did. I want to do it again.”

I nodded as I reached and pulled her to me. “My turn.” I kissed all over her face, on her neck, giving little love bits. I licked and kissed her collarbones, sucked the indention where they meet. I trailed moist wet kisses across her chest down to the beginning swell of her breasts. I circled each breast, tonguing and licking, but bypassing and ignoring the aureole and crowning nipples.

I moved my head from side to side as I trailed spit and moisture downward and across her stomach to her cute little belly button. I alternated stabbing it with my tongue then sucking. I started drifting downward again, sucking and licking the silky flesh until my chin brushed her pubic hair.

She grabbed me by my head and tried to lift me up. “Don’t. I’m yucky and nasty down there.” she said.

I looked at her beautiful cunt. A mixture of my cum and her juices were slowly oozing out of her. The hair was matted, glistening and coated with the fluid we had mixed with our rutting. I gave her a swipe with my tongue from her ‘taint’, as low as I could reach, up her lips through her cleft and to the fringes of her hair. “If you can, I will.”

I reached to take the nipples I had bypassed on my downward path. Squeezing, rolling, rubbing them as I massaged her breasts, I began cleaning her. Licking and sucking, biting and gently pulling on her hair, I paid homage to Bray’s womanhood until she came with a soft sigh.

I rolled over and looked at the clock on the nightstand. “We’ve only been home for 20 minutes. I thought it was hours. Mom will be here in an hour and a half.” We sobered. I slapped Bray on the ass, “Let’s take a shower. I’ll wash your back”, I paused, “and front, and top, and bottom.” We giggled, showered and played and dressed.

I was more than a little apprehensive while waiting for Mom to arrive. The last twenty minutes took an hour to elapse. She had been upbeat when she left that morning, giving each of us a deep passionate kiss with a full body hug.

I worried, though, about her reaction after being exposed to her work environment and to other people all day. She would have an opportunity to think of what we three had done the day before, to ponder on the ramifications of our actions. Families do not do what we had done.

Bray and I were sitting on the couch facing the door. We were gripping hands and holding our breaths as Mom walked in.

She had an ear-to-ear grin and was unbuttoning her blouse as the door opened. “Why are you dressed?” she asked while continuing to strip. “I’m so horny! I didn’t get anything done. I’ve been dreaming of you two all day.”

Laughing, Bray and I raced to see who could get our clothes off first. I eased into Mom as we lay on the carpet in the living room. We were too anxious, too ready, unwilling to wait until we could get to a bed. As ‘little feller’ sank to the hilt Mom sighed. “I’ve been itching there all day. Scratch me. Scratch my itch good.” I complied.


To be finished in The Day Our Lives Started – Activities

I hope you like this continuation as much as the first history. Please let me know. Thanks

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