Punished: Kara

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Kara was a brat and a tease, plain and simple. She loved to leaving guys hanging. She was always amused when they pleaded with her to finish the job and not leave them with blue balls. Men were her playthings, to use as she pleased, at least, that’s what she told herself…

She was the perfect predator at the age of twenty-two. Kara seemed to be made to draw males in, in hopes they would be the ones to tame her. Maria’s soft emerald green eyes, and dark black hair contrasted beautifully with her soft porcelain skin tone that could easily be marked. Her pert nose tilted upwards, but it made her look cute. She forgod lipstick normally for her lips were naturally a rosy pink.

Her body was a sin in it’s self, with a tiny waist and breasts that could fill the palm of your hands if you grasped them, but despite them being slightly big, they fit her frame. Her ass wasn’t too big or too small. Her rump, like her breasts, would fit in any man’s hands. All in all, she had a very curvaceous figure, but her face, was a mix between innocent, and naughty, depending on her expression.

As a matter of fact, she was using this to her advantage one day. He was a man in his late twenties to early thirties, he practically screamed dominate, but Kara, relishing in the thought of a challenge, approached him.

The two were in a club, the room full of people, the thumping of the music loud in their ears. Drowning out everything but the loud laughter and screams of drunk men and woman getting rowdy.

Kara gripped the males arm pushing her round breasts against his muscular arm firmly. Purring in his ear, close enough and loud enough that only he could hear. “Would you like to go somewhere quieter?”

The male nodded, a fleeting smile gracing his lips. Kara swore she saw something in his gaze that send shivers through her. But it was too late now, she had offered.

So with a sultry smile, the female lead him through the crowd, weaving through the mass of bodies with skill. But the unlucky male kept muttering apologies erotik film izle as he ran into him, the target of glares and curses.

Once free of the crowd, the two made their way down a hallway painted red with red silk draping the doors. Pausing at one door and pressing an ear to the wood to check if there was someone in the room. But there wasn’t, so she opened the door with a slight flourish.

Turning back to the male, she crooked a delicate finger at him in a come hether gesture. Her elegant brows raised in a challenge.

But the male was already stepping into the room, tugging at his cravat, undoing it and tossing it to the side. His expression dark and dangerous as he loosened the cuffs of his jacket and tugged it off. Letting it fall to the floor. Next came his shirt, which he unbuttoned, and with every button he took a step forward, in total, he took twelve steps. Those twelve steps had the girl cornered, a look of confusion in her eyes that quickly turned to dismay and fright at being corned.

Disregarding his pants and boxers and revealing a 6-inch semi-hard cock that was thick enough that her fingers would barely touch each other if she wrapped her fingers around it. he aodt the male snarled. His voice rich and deep. “Strip, slut.” And with that, she knew from the edge in his tone, that to resist was dangerous, and he would not hesitate to punish her if she disobeyed.

So complying with crimson blush on her cheeks, knowing that she wasn’t going to win this round but was going to take what little control she could get. Slowly she unzipped her red, skimpy dress, but before she could get halfway down, he grabbed her hands in one of his large ones, and tugged at her dress, ripping the fabric with ease. His hands pawing at her bra, and finally, he ripped it to shreds, the fragile but expensive lacy black fabric was now ruined. Tossing it the side, he did the same to the matching set of panties. With each fabric torn, she let out a soft squeak of protest, but secretly, she was enjoying his barbaric film izle ways.

Once she was finally nude, he pinched her pert pink nipples with his free hand, and rolled them between his index-finger and thumb. Causing her to arch her back, pressing the plump mounds of flesh into his hand as a reluctant gasp of pleasure escaped her lips.

Smirking at her body betrayed her, the stranger tugged at her nipples once before releasing the little nub. His fingers stroked her hair as he murmured. “Behave and you’ll enjoy it. If you don’t…” He paused for effect. “Your rump will be nice and red, got that?” She nodded, wondering why she suddenly was the one who was submissive when she normally, to say she didn’t mind was a lie. Kara was always in charge, but a dark voice in her head taunted her about how much she was enjoying this.

Snapped out of her revelry by not one, but two fingers plunging in to be tight channel. Causing her fists to clench and her eyes to widen in surprise as a short cry of pleasure mixed with shock escaped her.

“Pay attention.” Her expression amused the man, having seen her distracted, he decided to get her attention. Having succeeded at that, he started to move his finger in and out of her slick channel. Causing reluctant moans to rip through her, and despite her resistance, they came more and more frequent.

Kara couldn’t stop herself, she was going to cum, but she didn’t have to stop. He flipped her so she was facing the wall, fingers having left her dripping hole, she let out a grown of disappointment. Only to shiver at the foreign feeling of his forefinger caressing along the crack of her ass till she could feel him press his fingers at the tight, untouched hole. Causing her to let out a sharp protest. “N-No! G-Get away from there!”

In reply, he slapped her ass again, and again, and again, till she was begging him to stop. Tears streaming down her face, but the growing wetness bellied the fact that she didn’t enjoy it. “You like that, bitch? You fucking cock-tease? Do you seks filmi izle like the fact that you’re my bitch now, no one else’s?”

His words sent a jolt of delight and fear through her, causing her to wonder what the fuck is wrong with her.

After a moment, and I had finally relaxed, he shoved a finger into her tight ass. Causing her to cry out in pain. But despite her standing on her tiptoes, she couldn’t escape. Finally, after her insistent struggling, he used the hand holding her wrists, to drag her down to the ground on her hands and knees.

Not wasting another moment he pressed his tip to her asshole. Causing her to whimper as he slowly pressed his cock to her slightly loosened hole. After a moment of excruciating pain, he had his head in. And after what seemed like hours but could’ve only been minutes of her wailing and whining, he was inside to the hilt. Waiting a minute or so, as he stayed still letting her adjust to his size, before he started to gently making shallow thrusts. Once Kara stopped making a ruckus at having her ass violated, he sped up, keeping at this place till once again she stopping making a fuss.

The alpha male continued this process till he was making deeper, and faster thrusts. And Kara slowly adapted to the pain, accepting it. But not long after she caved, she started to enjoy it. At first, the only noises that could be heard were soft moans that steadily grew louder, and louder. In a small part of her mind she was wondering why being fucked in her ass felt so good, but it was slowly blocked out as her anal induced orgasm approached. The male too, was coming closer, obvious due to the fact his clock throbbed in her tight hole.

And true to the signs, they both orgasmed with a shout from him, and a scream from her. Not long after, the male pulled out with a wet plop.

Cum dribbled out of her asshole, and Kara had a dazed look in her eyes. Not noticing when the male wiped his clock on her bra, dressed, and padded to the door with shoes in one hand and her panties in the other.

But Kara came to her sense enough to ask, “What do I call you?”

He answered, “Sir, and in case you’re wondering. I will come back.”

I might continue this. I don’t know. But this is my first story.

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