A Paris Afternoon Ch. 01

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It had been a long flight from Seattle to Paris, and Henry wanted nothing more than to get settled into his room and unwind and certainly the last thing he wanted to do was to start up a conversation with the cab driver, but somehow Henry found himself entangled in a game of question and answer with the cabbie whose English, though heavily accented was technically sound.

“What brings you to Paris at this time of year?” Good question, Henry thought in spite of himself. Coming out of Charles de Gaulle Henry noticed the chill in the air and now it had begun raining softly.


“Ah, so not for plaisir?” The last word was heavily accented and Henry couldn’t help but smile slightly at the inquiry.

“Not quite, I’m an art dealer.” Henry didn’t want to give too much information, after all his job required a certain level of discretion.

Negotiating the acquisition of a multi-million piece of modern art was a tricky business and blurting it out to all and sundry would only make his life more difficult it got out. Owners, especially institutions, were particularly touchy about issues involving secrecy.

“There’s a lot of art in Paris, monsieur. And there are lots of other belles choses, maybe you’ll find time for un peu de plaisir.”

“Peut-etre.” Henry’s French wasn’t all that bad, but it had a strong American inflection. Maybe he would find time for a little pleasure in the city of love. The thought was a comforting one, but with only five days to negotiate the arrangements for transferring the piece to the Seattle Art Museum, there didn’t seem to be much hope for that. I guess I’ll try to make my own pleasure, Henry ruefully thought to himself.

The rest of the ride was quiet and by time the cab arrived at the hotel the rain had started in earnest. Quickly grabbing his luggage from the trunk and paying the driver his fare, Henry moved quickly to get out of the rain and into the lobby.

Fortunately, it seemed that he arrived at the right time; there was no one at check in counter. Walking up to the counter, Henry was greeted by a young woman who was possibly in her mid-20s. Henry couldn’t help but notice how bahis firmaları pretty she was. Using the excuse of reading her name tag “Collett,” Henry allowed himself to look at her small but pert breasts which under blouse seemed to defy gravity. Not wanting to be a creep, Henry quickly made eye contact with Collett. That didn’t help. Collett’s entire face was a thing of perfection. Her eyes were an icy blue and she had red, pouty lips. Henry thought how much he would love to taste those lips and look deeply into those blue eye as he took her. His revelry, though brief, had been enough and he could not now ignore the swelling that was beginning to take place in his trousers.

“Um, hello I’m Henry Whitewood and I have a reservation.” Collett smiled the kind of smile that exists only on the faces of people who work in customer service, “Just one moment, monsieur.” Her voice was soft and almost breathless, like a whisper. Henry imagined what that voice would sound like close to his ear. Would it be as breathless as she moaned in pleasure? Would that whisper say things that only lovers say to each other as flesh intertwines and becomes one? He was now fully erect and was glad that he was standing in front of the check in counter so as to hide the bulge. Taking the chance when Collett looked away to view the screen, Henry attempted to discretely shift his hard cock in such a way so as not to be noticeable.

“Oui, monsieur, your room is ready.” Collett handed Henry his key card. Thanking her, he headed up to his room. Five days, he thought, there could be enough time for un peu de plaisir. Henry continued to think about Collett and her full lips and breasts as he entered his room. He wondered if her other lips were just as full. If he played his cards right maybe he could find out. Heaven knew how much he wanted it. His last relationship had ended a couple of years earlier, mostly because of work. In that time, again because of work, he hadn’t made much room for relationships in his life, but now that he was shortly turning 32, he was tired of feeling like life was passing him by.

Perhaps this trip would be a chance to do something different. The idea kaçak iddaa tickled Henry. Closing the door, Henry set down his luggage and took off his jacket.

Hanging up his jacket in the closet, Henry sat down on the bed and removed his shoes. Having sat down, he realized how tired he was from the flight and thought about taking a nap. However, he was still erect from his thoughts about Collett. Laying on his back, with his head and neck propped up against the headboard, Henry thought perhaps he should take care of that first. Tired though he was, Henry decided that he wanted to enjoy this moment to its fullest. He began unbuttoning his shirt slowly, once he had finished he began to stroke his nipples. He rarely did this to himself, but as his began stroking them softly, his cock stiffened and began to throb in response.

A slight smile played on his lips as the intense pleasure seemed to wash over his body. His nipples were now hard and he began to stroke them more vigorously.

Looking down, he could see the bulge in his pants and the fabric moving up and down as his member struggled to be free of its confines. The friction of the fabric against his sensitive rod was a sweet agony, and Henry shifted his hips to add to the friction, doing so he let out a low moan. Sitting up slightly, Henry removed his shirt completely and started on removing the belt from his pants. Unzipping his trousers and pushing them off along with his boxers, Henry’s cock stood at full mast. Wrapping his right hand around it, Henry began to slowly stoke his shaft. He didn’t want to rush it and resisted the urge to just come right there and then.

There was no question that Henry enjoyed sex with women, but there was something so sensual about watching himself get off by his solo efforts.

Henry closed his eyes and imagined Collett walking into the room catching him mid wank. He pictured her being slightly embarrassed and then turned on. In his mind, she would take off her blouse to reveal those small perky breasts and climb on to the foot of the bed and crawl over to him and take him in her mouth. The image was enough was enough to get Henry’s heart racing and kaçak bahis his hand moving even faster. Opening his eyes he could see the pre-cum at sitting atop of his head. The clear liquid pooled at the opening and then began to trickle down over his hand. Using it as lubricant, Henry continued to stroke his manhood. He could feel himself wanted to find release, but he wasn’t finished yet.

Taking his other hand, Henry rubbed the tip of his shaft with an open palm. His hand traced a clockwise motion on the sensitive part of his cock. By now Henry, who was now imagining Collett finishing her blow job and moving up to his face so he could return the favour, could hear himself moan more loudly in the rapture of his hands were providing. His right hand was rubbing the shaft rigorously and the left hand was still stoking intensely the head. Henry felt that he couldn’t hold it any longer and quite frankly he didn’t want to. Looking down he watched just as he came all over his hands, the cum squirted out in bursts of hot, creamy streams.

Whenever he masturbated, Henry enjoyed watching himself come. There was something about watching the ejaculate being emitted from his cock that he found profoundly sensual. Wiping his hand on his belly, with this other hand, he continued to gently stroke the now softening, yet still sensitive cock. He languished with half closed eyes for a few minutes like this on the bed. Once he caught his breath, Henry thought he should probably shower.

Getting up from the bed, he made his way to the shower. Completely naked, he walked in front of a wall length mirror and looked at the glistening cum that decorated his lower torso, as he made his way to bathroom.

Once in the shower, Henry let the hot water wash over his body, washing away the results of his well spent afternoon. Soaping up a washcloth, he lathered his body, paying particular attention to his crotch. He massaged his balls and worked on his penis until it was hardening again. Taking the prompt, Henry rubbed himself again until he came. Feeling good, Henry finished his shower and headed back to the room where he got dressed and decided that it was time to head out for dinner. After all, tomorrow was going to be a busy day. He had to meet with his counterpart to arrange for the transfer of a priceless piece of art. Looking at his phone, it read “Wednesday, 9:00. Marguerite Aubert.”

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